Florence at British Summer Time Festival 2014

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I’d experimented with so many different types of music. I had these folky songs I’d written and recorded, but something wasn’t quite right - Florence Welch

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Bottled up emotions.


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'Future Beauty' PH by Irving Penn for Vogue US, 1989.


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"New Objectivity", Georgia Hilmer photographed by Hart + Leshkina & styled by Elizabeth Black for Tank Spring/Summer 2014.

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Florence Welch @ Orange Warsaw Festival 06.14.2014

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"Making music, it’s such a personal thing. You’re always making music; you’re making music that pleases you, and you kind of think, you know, ‘who the fuck else would listen to this?’ And so it’s really amazing to me how many people have taken it so to heart." -Florence.

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Everyone keeps asking me why I wanted to be part of a kolossal like Godzilla… ( he laughs). But the movie doesn’t really have much of the comic: it’s very realistic, and the shots remind of a disaster movie, or events like a tsunami or the September 11th attack. Anyway, for me it’s mostly about a father and a son who lost and found each other again. It’s a movie of feelings and emotions.

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